Herb Gardening 101

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Herb Gardening  for the New Year

With the New Year Starting we all are looking to get fit, eat smarter. One way is to find a creative way to plant some Herbs.

I seen a cool thing the other day where a DIYER took a used pallet and placed painted coke bottles cut in half

on it with staples. Placed potting soil, moss inside with herbs. Honest It really did look cute and worked well.

Good Luck, googling some cute Ideas.

An herb garden may be a good option if any of the following apply to you:

l you have limited space

l you don’t have a lot of time to devote to gardening

l you’re unable, for physical reasons, to spend a lot of time on your hands and knees

l your garden conditions are less than ideal: poor soil, bad drainage, too much shade or sun (this would require the use of a container garden)


Some of the more popular and easy to grow herbs are listed below along with information about each.

Basil: An annual plant, these will need to be replanted each year.

Chives: This perennial is easy to grow from seed.

Dill: The seeds as well as leaves are used for flavoring food.

Lavender: This hardy perennial has grayish foliage and fragrant lavender flowers.

Mint: A hardy perennial, mint is probably the easiest herb to grow in almost any climate.

Sage: This herb is another hardy perennial with beautiful foliage and blue flowers.

Thyme: Leaves are cut for drying before purple blossoms open (otherwise the flavor is changed).