Shop Smart at Farmers' Markets

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Farmers Market on Vacation!

In Sandestin, You have to check out the farmers Market at Grand Blvd! The Market Shoppes , Do not forget seaside on Saturdays 8am til noon,

There will  be fresh vegetables, organic honey, fruits, salsa,  you name it , you can find it there waiting on you!

Make sure that you bring a cooler to keep all cool and crisp.

Make sure to wash your hands before you start touching the fruit to keep all clean for others that might buy.

l Wash all fruits and vegetables with cool running tap water right before eating. Don't use dish soap or detergent because the FDA hasn’t approved or labeled these products for use on foods.

l Scrub melons with a brush and running water, because bacteria can be transferred from the outside of the melon to the inside by a knife.

Want to make sure that all bruised parts are cut away, YUK 

Make sure to Store produce in containers that are free from excess liquid.

l Refrigerate that produce and use right away,,too yummy to lose.