Where does all of the money go?


Where in the world does all of those pay checks go? Do you know that 80% of all of us in the United States will retire BROKE!

15% of us will retire with some sort of small saving , and 5% of us will retire having built enough wealth in this lifetime for our

families to continue on building with it.

80% of us get our pay check then place it into our personal account to pay bills, have fun, buy needed items, support the kids, buy food etc. 

we spend until the check is gone.

15% of us will have some sort of financial saving or operational system in place.

We have a financial Chart/system.

We get the check, place it into a business /operational acct, then place Let's say 35% of it into our personal account for fun, food, housing etc.

Then place 30% into an account for savings, then 35% into an account for taxes.


5% of us will have a super organized financial system,

We get the check place it into an operational account that automatically sends 25% of it into the housing fund, 5% into the food account,

5% into the fun account, with 35% going automatically into a tax account for taxes, then 15% into savings, with 15% left for future investing, stocks, bonds etc.

The system you use does not matter, the system being in place matter.

What category will you be in at retirement age?